Hawaii Senior Art Class hawaii senior art class

avid hawaii senior art classYou are probably thinking that you have no talent for drawing or painting. Even if you have never experienced in drawing, you will soon begin to enjoy drawing, if you learn the basics of drawing. Drawing or painting are like singing. Anybody can sing. Some are professionals, and some are enjoying as amateur singers at a Karaoke salon. The same goes for art!  Anybody can draw or paint, if you learn basics. That's why we are here for you who never tried but want to enjoy art as an amateur artist.

For senior citizens we will teach you at a comfortable pace and with patience . You will need a pencil, a sketch book and color pencils. Drawing is the most  economical way to enjoy art. It is not a strenuous art class! Our mission is to have seniors enjoy the art of drawing. "Age" is irrelevant! We have many 80s in the class. We need your "passion for ART!

avid hawaii senior art class

Supplemental Study Guide


Drawing 2 - Intermediate Drawing

1st Session   

2nd Session   

3rd & 4th Sessions

Acrylic Painting

Acrylic Painting 1 - Intro to Acrylic Painting

1st Session

2nd Session