Senior,Adult & Child Group Computer Class

Date & Time

Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. (one session) or 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. (two sessions)


Computer Basics: OS, Hardware, Software, Keyboard (Typing), Internet, Email, Word Basic (Simple letter using formatting, tab, indent & bullets & numbering, saving a file and File Management.



Word Intermediate (page setup, graphics, tables, header/footer, columns, etc.),Excel I, Digital Camera & basics of photo editing, PowerPoint, Ripping/Burning music CDs, iPod, iPad or Tablet , iPhone or Smart phone, Facebook, Skype, YouTube.



Photoshop Element, Photoshop, Illustrator, slideshow, video editing.


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Uniqueness of Our Classes


Student Ms. A

Thank you for making this Beginner class so much fun, enjoyable and easy to understand how the computer works and thinks. With all senior students in this class, and all at the same level, it made me much more comfortable for me. Everyone was at ease asking questions. I am looking forward to the Spring session. Amy (DOB: 1934)

Student Mr. K

To all senior citizens: This computer class is a very good way to start to have some knowledge in the computer. Today, almost everything is computerized, so at least it's good to know the basics of the computer. Plus, they have excellent instructors and they are very patient with us, "seniors". This is a fun and interesting class. This class will rejuvenate your brains. Our old brains need exercise. Ken (DOB: 1942)

Student Ms. P

Both instructos are very patient and thorough in explaining the many unfamiliar computer "tools" and functions. I'm much more confident and less apprehensive and frustrated since I have been attending Senior Computer Training Classes at Bilingual System Links. I also enjoy the many acquaintances at these sessions. Popo (DOB: 1932)

Student Mr. P

It has been the 6th month since I had enrolled in the computer classes at Bilingual System Links, and I am able to surf the Internet, receive/send emails, create folders and save files, rip/burn music CDs and download and transfer music to my iPod, transfer images from the digital camera, basic touch-ups on the photos and send them as an email attachment.My accomplishments are due to the excellent instructors with extreme patience and their abilities to encourage students and have us seniors gain confidence in learning the computer. I would like to thank the instructors, and recommend other seniors to take the computer classes at Bilingual System Links. I would further proceed to advanced photo editing classes next month. Paul (DOB: 1928)


Private Classes

If you are not available for group classes, private sessions are available. The rates vary depending on your level, contents, number of sessions, private or business and senior or non-senior or children. We recommend signing up for six sessions which is the most reasonable and flexible way of learning a specific subject. You can utilize six sessions within one year. Schedule will be discussed between the student and the instructor.